The D&L VSI-X Single String Double- Grip Production Packer is one of the most versatile packers on the market. It is a modification of the ASI-X Packer with the advantage of being able to set on electric line or hydraulically.

An On-Off Tool Stinger with Wireline Plug installed can be attached to the top of the VSI-X Packer which can then be lubricated in the hole and set under pressure. Once set, casing pressure can be bled off and the tubing with an On-Off Tool Overshot can be run and latched onto the packer. The Wireline Plug can then be removed.

Special Features

  • Wireline or Tubing set
  • Sequentially released upper slip system
  • Bypass valve opens before upper slips are released
  • 1/4 turn to set, 1/4 turn to release (ASI-X version)
  • Available in shear release

Download the full product sheet

VSI-X Packer
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