The D&L Oil Tools Engineering team has over 106 combined years of oil field product engineering experience. D&L Oil Tools has twelve design engineers on staff, willing and able to assist customers with technical challenges and custom product development. Click here to reach our engineering team.


Fred Johnson, has 37 years of drafting, design, and engineering experience.  He has two patents for mechanisms used in farm machinery.  Fred has worked with D&L President & CEO, Lee Eslicker, for 25 years and has been with D&L for just over 18 years.

What is your specialty at D&L?

The Hydroset II/DLESP product line.

What are the major features and benefits of D&L’s dual string packers?   

The Hydroset II-A packer is a dual string, hydraulic set, straight pull to release tool that allows two or more strings to be run in the same well.  It has been around since long before my time at D&L. Although it is very close to the Arrow Hydroset II, we have recently made significant changes to make the tool more reliable and easier to work on. The DLESP is a multiple string tool that is based on the Hydroset II-A. It allows for the production string and for cabling to be run through the packer to an Electronic Submersible Pump. (E.S.P.) We can add extra ports for chemical injection, well monitoring, and gas venting. These are versatile tools that can be tailored to a specific completion scenario.

Fun Fact

I have played mandolin, guitar and fiddle for over 48 years…. I should really play better than I do!

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