D&L Oil Tools ProTension™ 

The D&L Oil Tools ProTension™ Safe Tension Tool was designed to eliminate the potential for a loss of control situation which may be experienced when setting a tubing sting in tension using the standard field procedure. While tension is pulled into the tubing string using the STT there is no need to remove the BOP’s or to overstretch the tubing, which is the case when using Low Line Slips.

Ideally suited for long reach horizontal, multi-stage stimulated oil wells, which will eventually require artificial lift, the STT is installed between the tubing hanger and the production tubing.  Once the tubing hanger is landed, isolating the annulus, tension is pulled into the tubing string and safely locked into place without losing well control. The tool allows for complete rotation of the tubing when setting downhole tools such as anchors or packers.

Key Points:

  • Allows tension to be pulled or released from tubing while wellhead is still safely installed
  • Eliminates the need to overstretch tubing
  • Snubbing compatible for tensioning tubing string while under pressure
  • Slimhole versions available

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ProTension Safe Tension Tool
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