The patented ProTension™ Safe Tension Tool (STT) was designed as a safety tool to eliminate the potential for loss of well control when pulling a tubing string into tension. Additionally, it allows operators to safely set tubing anchors and other downhole tools in tension.

The ProTension™ STT is ideally suited for oil wells that will eventually require artificial lift. The tool ensures continuous well control when setting the production string in tension. When installed between the tubing hanger and production tubing, tension can be pulled into the work string without removing the blowout preventer (BOP) or overstretching the tubing.

The ProTension™ STT eliminates the need to use Low Line or Shallow Well Slips and helps protect personnel from high-tension loads. Once the tubing hanger is landed (isolating the annulus), tension is pulled into the tubing string and safely locked into place without losing well control. The ProTension™ STT allows for free rotation of the tubing for setting downhole tools in the string.

Special Features

  • Allows tension to be pulled or released from tubing while the BOP or wellhead is still safely installed.
  • Eliminates the need to overstretch tubing.
  • Snubbing compatible for tensioning tubing string while under pressure
  • Sour service coating available (Nickel)
  • Reduced OD versions available
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