The Hydro Plug is designed to have excellent running characteristics and secure sets. The plug can be set hydro-mechanically without the use of special pressure setting tools. The plug is designed for rapid drill-out while maintaining sufficient strength during the set. It is designed for high differential pressures and up to 300° F temperatures with standard nitrile element and o-ring. Different elastomers are available for higher temperatures.

The short, compact, interlocked construction assures the user that the Hydro Plug will provide faster, safer run-in, dependable set and pack-off and hold pressure that is safe for the casing weight and grade. The interlock construction and compact size requires minimal material removal during drill out.


  • Hydro-mechanically set
  • Drillable, cast iron construction
  • One piece break-apart slips
  • Withstands differential pressure above and below
  • Easy work string retrieval
Hydro Plug
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