This is the first installment in our 2016 “Meet the Team” series, featuring D&L Oil Tools Engineering team. The D&L Oil Tools Engineering team has over 106 combined years of oil field product engineering experience. D&L Oil Tools has twelve design engineers on staff, willing and able to assist customers with technical challenges and custom product development. Click here to reach our engineering team.


Donald “Don” Hushbeck has 39 years of experience working with all kinds of downhole oilfield equipment. This includes drillstem testing equipment, well service equipment, completion equipment, and cementing equipment. 12+ patents. Multiple industry papers and presentations on downhole equipment and equipment applications. 11+ years at D&L.

What is your specialty at D&L? 

I am the old guy that knows a little bit about just about everything downhole. The diverse exposure that I have had also keeps D&L from “reinventing the wheel”. I have also spent a great deal of my career working with elastomers and elastomer seal design.

D&L places a great deal of emphasis on building quality products and bolstering those products with support services. If a customer has questions or concerns there is a full engineering staff at their disposal to get answers and support. The staff can also help customers design completions and advise on points of application.

What makes D&L’s products superior?

Attention to details in design and manufacturing. D&L is constantly taking on design challenges so the engineering staff stays sharp when it comes to what works well and what does not. This makes for an atmosphere of attention to details.

Fun Fact

I am the only person I know who has ridden in one of the Goodyear Blimps.

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