This is the third installment of our 2016 “Meet the Team” series, featuring the D&L Oil Tools Engineering team.

The D&L Oil Tools Engineering team has over 106 combined years of oil field product engineering experience. D&L has full-time design engineers on staff, willing and able to assist customers with technical challenges and custom product development. Click here to reach our engineering team.


Heath Bringham, 10 years working for small design and manufacturing companies with a focus on engineered hydraulic machinery and downhole tools. His duties have consisted of consulting, prototype design and development, hydraulic test stand design and operation, and most recently, the application and implementation of ISO and API quality standards. He has spent the last 8+ years with D&L.

What is your specialty at D&L?

I pride myself on finding elegant solutions to complex challenges. Lately, that has involved transitioning each function of the engineering department to be fully API compliant. My time working for small companies has allowed me to build a broad knowledge base that covers many aspects of manufacturing and production in addition to my core background in engineering. Serving on D&L’s internal audit team also provided me with an in-depth look into our operations. These experiences helped guide me in the development of our standardized processes that not only meet the requirements of API Specification Q1, but also work for us and our customers while taking into account the needs and practices of all of the other departments that interface with engineering.The API Specification Q1 is a business wide set of requirements for the quality management system of manufacturers in the petroleum and natural gas industry. Some of the predominant subjects that are covered are documentation and records, standard procedures, training, design verification and testing, and continuous improvement. While many of our customers may not have been aware of the widespread internal changes that we have implemented over the last few years, our hope is that they notice the effects of these improvements in their experiences with D&L and the products that we provide.

What makes D&L’s products superior?

Part of what makes D&L so unique is the speed at which we can customize a tool to fit a customer’s specific needs or even bring an entirely new tool to market. A great deal of thought has been put into streamlining our processes in order to preserve this ability to react quickly while at the same time, imparting the quality, reliability, and consistency that is inherent to products that are manufactured under an ISO or API standard.

Share something unique about yourself.

My hobbies are a bit of a reflection of my work life in that I am constantly looking to explore new areas of interest or develop new skills. My latest endeavors include photography, golf, traditional archery, and when I get the time… refinishing a classic Whitehall rowboat.

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