This is the fourth installment of our 2016 “Meet the Team” series, featuring the D&L Oil Tools Engineering team.

The D&L Oil Tools Engineering team has over 106 combined years of oil field product engineering experience. D&L has full-time design engineers on staff, willing and able to assist customers with technical challenges and custom product development. Click here to reach our engineering team.


Kevin Plunkett has 11 years of experience working with downhole oilfield equipment. This includes well service equipment and completion equipment. He has 4 patents and has worked at D&L for 6 years.

1. What is your specialty at D&L?

I specialize in new product development and custom design solutions. The designs or solutions can be as simple as a product modification or a full 100% new design. D&L’s new product development process allows us to fully understand the customer’s needs to provide the best possible solution to a well completion or service.

2. What makes D&L’s products superior?

The ability of D&L to explore new product development with a customer based focus allows us to work one on one with the customer to ensure the tools are what customer needs, expects, and within a timely manner. We encourage customers to be involved in the process from day 1 and to provide feedback throughout the new process development. Our ability to focus on the customer’s needs and deadlines make D&L’s new product development a vital aspect of evolving well services and completions.

3. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I enjoy just about everything on the water from lakes to the ocean.

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