Service Tools

AS Retrievable Bridge Plug

The AS Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high pressure plug for multiple zone and selective single zone operations such as acidizing, fracturing, cementing and testing. It features a large internal by-pass to reduce swabbing when running and retrieving. The by-pass closes during the setting of the plug and opens prior to releasing the upper slips to equalize pressure when unsetting. The by-pass is located directly below the upper slips to help wash debris when the by-pass is open.

This tool can be set in tension or compression. It can be set shallow in unsupported casing to contain pressure while working on wellhead equipment. It can be set in tension making it ideal for setting shallow to test wellhead equipment and also deep, high-pressure wells.

The ASW Retrievable Bridge Plug is a version of the AS Retrievable Bridge Plug that allows the plug to be set on wireline or with a hydraulic setting tool, and retrieved with tubing. It cannot be reset in the wellbore once it is unset, but it can be pulled, re-dressed and run again. A Wireline Adapter Kit is required for this version.

Special Features

  • 1/4 right-hand set and release (standard)
  • Large internal by-pass
  • Set shallow or deep
  • Pressure equalization before release
  • High pressure rating
  • Additional J-slot arrangements available
  • AS Bridge Plug is set mechanically in tension or compression
  • ASW Bridge Plug version can be set using wireline or hydraulic setting tool