• The AS-5 Packer is a compression set tool with a J-slot to control pack-off.

    AS-5 Packer
  • The AS-II Packer is a large-opening, compression-set packer with mechanical slip hold-downs.

    AS-II Packer
  • The AS-III Packer is a single-grip packer with no upper hold-down for use where no differential pressure from below is present.

    AS-III Packer
  • The ASI-X Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any production application.

    ASI-X Packer
  • The ASI-X Shear Release Packer features a special J-pin ring configured for emergency release operations.

    ASI-X Shear Release Packer
  • The Casing Packer is a large bore, single grip packer used to isolate damaged casing and for production or injection.

    Casing Packer
  • The CT Thermal Packer is used in steam injection/production applications.

    CT Thermal Packer
  • The D-H Tension Packer is for use in water flood, injection or producing wells.

    D-H Tension Packer
  • The DL Tension Packer and DL Shear Tension Packer are economical, compact tools for injection, pumping, medium range treating and production applications.

    DL Tension and DL Shear Tension Packer
  • The Gas Vent Pumping Packer offers an inexpensive option for isolating casing leaks or depleted perforations in pumping wells.

    Gas Vent Pumping Packer
  • The Type GV Cup Packer is an economical means of isolating casing leaks and depleted zones and is also a production or injection packer for low pressure applications.