Permanent Set Packers

Hydraulic Permapak Packer

The Hydraulic Permapak Packer is a hydraulic set seal bore packer and is the hydraulic set equivalent of the Permapak Seal Bore Packer. The full range of Permapak Seal Bore Accessories may be used with the Hydraulic Permapak.

Pressure sets the packer via a setting chamber built into the tool. Pressure enters the setting chamber via holes in the polished bore of this packer. These holes can be isolated with a ball-operated sub so other hydraulic operated tools can be functioned before setting the packer.

Special Features

  • Uses proven Permapak components
  • Compatible with Permapak options
  • Optional upper sealbore available
  • Single bore or dual bore option
Hydraulic Permapak Packer

Product Specifications - Single Bore

Size (inches) Weight (lbs/ft) Recommended Hole Size (inches)