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Running Tool – for Type E Valve

The Running Tool for the Type E Valve is designed to be used with the Type E Valve to convert double grip mechanical packers (like the ASI-X Packer) into a retrievable bridge plug. This Running Tool features cutting teeth on the running shoe for breaking up compacted trash for easy removal. Running shoes are available in different OD sizes to aid for centering the running tool in larger casing if needed.

Running Tool for Type-E Valve

Product Specifications

Tool OD
Tool ID
Tool Thread Connection
(Box Up)
Part Number Technical Data
3-1/2 2.750 1.16 1.900 NUE 12435RT PDF
4-1/2 3.680 1.78 2-3/8 EUE 12444RT PDF
4-1/2 3.750 1.78 2-3/8 EUE 12445RT PDF
5-1/2 4.500 1.78 2-7/8 EUE 12455RT PDF
5-1/2 4.500 1.78 2-3/8 EUE 12456RT  
7 5.880 1.78 2-7/8 EUE 12470RT  
7 5.880 3.00 3-1/2 EUE 12473RT  
9-5/8 8.250 3.00 4-1/2 EUE 12495RT PDF
10-3/4 9.700 3.00 4-1/2 EUE 12401RT  

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

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