Tool Accessories

Self-Aligning Mule Shoe

The Self-Aligning Mule Shoe is designed to work with D&L Seal Bore Packers. This accessory is installed on the bottom of the Anchor Latch, Seal Locator, or Seal Unit. The D&L Mule Shoe allows for straight pick up and set down of the tubing to help guide the seals into the packer seal bore.

Self-Aligning Mule Shoe

Product Specifications

Packer Bore (inches) Tool OD (inches) Tool ID (inches) Tool Thread Connection (Box Up) Part Number Technical Data
3.000 2.895 2.38 2.6875 STUB ACME 58430 PDF
4.000 3.96 3.00 3.6250 STUB ACME 58440 PDF
6.000 5.93 4.75 5.4370 STUB ACME 58460 PDF
7.000 6.97 5.84 6.5000 STUB ACME 58470 PDF
9.000 8.98 7.80 8.6250 STUB ACME 58490 PDF

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