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WLAK – for ASW Retrievable Bridge Plug

The Wireline Adapter Kit (WLAK) for the ASW Retrievable Bridge Plug is used to set the ASW Retrievable Bridge Plug on electric wireline or with a hydraulic setting assembly on tubing. This WLAK is designed to be used on a Baker E-4 wireline powder charge, a hydraulic setting assembly, or any setting assembly with the same configuration. The WLAK automatically disconnects from the AS Bridge Plug during packer setting to be easily retrieved and prepared to run again.

WLAK - for ASW Retrievable Bridge Plug

Product Specifications

Tool OD
Wireline Setting Tool Box Up Part Number Technical Data
3-1/2 2.750 BAKER E-4, #05 72335 PDF
4-1/2 3.750 BAKER E-4, #10 72345 PDF
4-1/2 3.620 BAKER E-4, #10 72341 PDF
4-1/2 3.650 BAKER E-4, #10 72344 PDF
5-1/2 4.500 BAKER E-4, #20 72355WLAK PDF
6-5/8 5.440 BAKER E-4, #20 72365 PDF
7 5.875 BAKER E-4, #20 72370 PDF
8-5/8 - 14 6.000 BAKER E-4, #20 72385 PDF

NOTE: Other sizes and connections available upon request.

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