ASI-X Anchor

The ASI-X Anchor is a mechanically set double grip tubing anchor designed to be exceptionally durable and debris tolerant. This anchor is based on the proven ASI-X Packer design, but has been shortened, simplified and does not have a sealing element. This anchor is suited for treating, testing, injecting, pumping wells, and flowing wells, deep or shallow. This anchor is built using durable ASI-X Packer parts making redress both quick and economical.

The double slip design allows the anchor to be left in tension or compression, depending on well conditions and the required application. The J-slot design allows easy setting and releasing; 1/4 turn right-hand set, right-hand release. With the variety of J-body configurations available, this anchor can also be set with other packers in tandem. This anchor is also equipped with an adjustable straight pickup emergency shear release and when released in this manner, the anchor will reset when moved down the hole.

Special Features

  • Based on proven ASI-X Packer design
  • Can be set with tension for shallow well applications
  • Can be left in tension, compression or neutral
  • 1/4 turn right-hand set, 1/4 turn right-hand release
  • Additional J-Slot configurations available
  • Adjustable emergency shear release
ASI-X Anchor