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Axial Installation HD Packer

The Axial Installation (AI) HD Packer is a heavy-duty service packer ideally suited for all types of squeeze cementing, formation fracturing, high pressure acidizing, etc. It is a large opening compression set packer with hydraulic button-type hold down. It is set and unset with simple up and down motion. This motion is controlled with a continuous J-slot so multiple settings are possible. This packer withstands high pressure from above or below and uses a 3-element packing system, J-slot, and a drag block mechanism for easy setting. The packer has a built-in unloader which circulates across the hold down buttons to improve retrievability and run in performance.

Axial Installation HD Packer

Product Specifications

Size (inches) Weight (lbs/ft) Recommended Hole Size (inches) Tool OD (inches) Tool ID (inches) Thread Connections (Box Up / Pin Down) Part Number Technical Data
5-1/2 14.0 - 20.0 4.778 - 5.012 4.625 2.00 2-3/8 EUE 62557 PDF
5-1/2 20.0 - 23.0 4.670 - 4.778 4.500 2.00 2-3/8 EUE 62556 PDF
6-5/8 24.0 - 32.0 5.675 - 5.921 5.500 2.50 2-7/8 EUE 62565 PDF

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

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