Hydraulic Set Packers

Hydraulic Open Hole Packer

The D&L Hydraulic Open Hole Packer is a hydraulic set, single string packer suitable for use in open hole applications. Tubing pressure is used to set the packer and the setting force is locked into the packer by a body lock ring. This packer features a double backup element system that is capable of holding high pressures in open hole or large ID cased holes. A large ID is maintained through the packer for increased flow potential. It is ideal for use as a tandem isolation packer between ports in a multi-stage hydraulic fracturing completion.

Hydraulic Open Hole Packer

Product Specifications

Packer Size (inches) Recommended Hole Size (inches) Tool OD (inches) Tool ID (inches) Thread Connections (Box Up / Pin Down) Part Number Technical Data
7 5.875 - 6.600 5.750 3.92 4-1/2 LTC 33570-1 PDF
7-1/2 7.500 - 8.250 7.350 4.75 5-1/2 BTC 33575-1 PDF
8-1/2 8.000 - 9.000 7.780 4.75 5-1/2 BTC 33580-1 PDF
8-1/2 8.500 - 8.750 8.000 4.75 5-1/2 BTC 33581-1 PDF

NOTE: All pricing includes standard N