Hydraulic Set Packers

Hydroset IV Packer

The Hydroset IV Packer is a hydraulic set single string retrievable packer. Tubing pump pressure is used to set the packer and the setting force is locked into the packer by a body lock ring. Its design allows for multiple zone completions. It can be run with other hydraulic packers or mechanical set packers.

This packer is ideal to run as a tandem packer with double grip packers that will lock the tubing in place. This packer is released with a straight pull to shear releasing screws.

This packer features a three element packing arrangement, a lock ring mechanism to lock in setting force, and field adjustable shear screws to allow adjustment of setting initiation and releasing force required to release the packer.

Special Features

  • Simple operation
  • Compact
  • Field adjustable setting initiation pressure
  • Field adjustable releasing force