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SC Tension Unloader

The SC Tension Unloader provides a means of equalizing tubing and annulus pressures when used with a tension packer. It also serves as a by-pass to allow fluid to pass through the mandrel of the packer while running the tubing string in and out of the well.

Product Information

Special Features

  • Apply set-down weight to open, and tension to close
  • Unloads pressure from either direction
  • May be run in open or closed position
  • Bonded seal allows repeated opening
  • Transmits torque for packer operations

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SC Tension Unloader

Product Specifications

Tool OD
Tool ID
Thread Connections
(Box Up / Pin Down)
Part Number Technical Data
7/8 2.250 0.88 1.660 EUE 52504 PDF
1-5/8 3.250 1.63 2-3/8 EUE 52506 PDF
2-3/8 3.750 2.00 2-3/8 EUE 52520 PDF
2-7/8 4.500 2.50 2-7/8 EUE 52525 PDF
3-1/2 5.250 3.00 3-1/2 EUE 52535 PDF
4-1/2 6.250 4.00 4-1/2 EUE 52545 PDF

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

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