Mechanical Set Packers

AS-II Packer

The AS-II Packer is a large-opening, compression-set packer with mechanical slip hold-downs. This packer withstands high pressure from above or below by using a 3-element packing system, and upper and lower mechanical slips. A J-slot and a drag block mechanism are incorporated for easy setting. This packer has a built-in unloader which circulates across the mechanical hold-down slips to improve retrievability. The unloader has a pressure compensating piston to keep it closed when pressure is greater below the set packer.

The AS-II Packer is available in the standard J-slot arrangement – right-hand auto set with straight pick-up release. Other J-slot arrangements are available: right-hand manual set, left-hand auto set, and left-hand manual set. All J-slot arrangements are straight pick-up release.

Special Features

  • Large internal by-pass
  • Mechanical slips vs. hydraulic buttons
  • Differential pressure holds valve closed
  • Additional J-slot arrangements available
AS-II Packer