Mechanical Set Packers

VSI-X Packer

The VSI-X Single String Double-Grip Production Packer is one of the most versatile packers on the market. This packer is a modification of the ASI-X Packer with the advantage of being able to set on electric line or hydraulically.

An On-Off Tool Stinger with a Wireline Plug installed can be attached to the top of this packer. This packer can then be lubricated in the hole and set under pressure. Once set, casing pressure can be bled off, and the tubing with an On-Off Tool Overshot can be run and latched onto the packer. The Wireline Plug can then be removed.

This packer easily converts to a mechanically set ASI-X Packer – just remove the shear screws and install drag blocks and drag block springs. The ASI-X Packer sets with 1/4 right-hand rotation and releases with 1/4 right-hand rotation. The ASI-X Packer can be left in tension, compression or neutral.

NOTE: Stinger and setting equipment must be purchased separately.

Special Features

  • Wireline or tubing set
  • Sequentially released upper slip system
  • By-pass valve opens before upper slips are released
  • Available in shear release
  • Easily converts to ASI-X version – 1/4 turn to set, 1/4 turn to release