Mechanical Set Packers

WLAK – for VSI-X Packer

The Wireline Adapter Kit (WLAK) for VSI-X Packers and VSI-X HT Packers is used with a stinger to set VSI-X Packers and VSI-X HT Packers on electric wireline or with a hydraulic setting assembly on tubing. The WLAK is designed to be used on a Baker E-4 wireline powder charge, hydraulic setting assembly or any setting assembly with the same configuration.

When used with a Profile Stinger, the plug-in-place design allows the running of a profile blanking plug to be run in place to convert the packer to a temporary Bridge Plug. Use of a profile blanking plug also reduces debris build-up and eliminates the need to run Profile Nipples or Pump-Out Plugs below the packer.

The WLAK automatically disconnects from the packer during packer setting to be easily retrieved and prepared to run again.

WLAK - for VSI-X Packer

Product Specifications

Size (inches) Description Part Number Technical Data
2-7/8 For 2-7/8'' VSI-XW Packer 97125 PDF
3-1/2 For #5 Hydraulic Setting Tool 97130 PDF
3-1/2 For 3-1/2'' VSI-XW Packer (12.95#) 97137 PDF
4 For 4'' VSI-XW Packer 97140 PDF
4 For 4" (10.46 - 12.95#) VSI-XW Packer 97141 PDF
4-1/2 For 4-1/2'' VSI-XW Packer 97145 PDF