Mechanical Set Packers

RSB Retrieving Tool

The RSB Retrieving Tool is used to retrieve RSB Packers. This retrieving tool latches into the top sub with a standard anchor latch to allow the RSB Packer to be retrieved with a straight pull. A spring-loaded collet locates below the support ring that keeps the packer locked in a set position. Latch fingers latch into the packer. A pull shears the support ring and releases the packer. If the packer cannot be retrieved normally, this retrieving tool has a safety release that allows it to be disconnected from the packer with right-hand rotation.

Special Features

  • Simple operation
  • Safety shear release
  • Rugged design for multiple use
RSB Retrieving Tool

Product Specifications - Single Bore RSB

Packer Size (inches) Tool OD (inches) Tool ID (inches) Packer Bore (inches) Top Connection Part Number Technical Data
5 3.500 1.00 2.688 2-3/8 EUE 26650