Mechanical Set Packers

Type DL-IB Tandem Tension Packer

The Type DL-IB Tandem Tension Packer is an economical, compact, low-pressure, tension set, isolation packer used in casing or perforations and multi-zone injection installations. This packer runs with a tension set packer below. It can be run with the J-pins in the un-jayed position or in the jayed position. In the un-jayed position, applying tension shears the shear pins and allows pack-off.

If run in the jayed position, the DL-IB Tandem Tension Packer must be used in conjunction with an ASI-X Packer. Set down weight shears the pins; left-hand rotation and applied tension will set the tool.

Special Features

  • Economical
  • Run in jayed position, or un-jayed position
  • Optional J-configurations
Type DL-IB Tandem Tension Packer